We love Holidays

Welcome to Eco Lake View Holiday resort. Our Eco Lake View resorts outlook is to manage it professionally and also capturing the local essence in its full glory.Eco Lake View Resort Situated at Moharli village Dist. Chandrapur. Covered with 3 sided Tadoba Jungle & 1 Sided beautifull lake, Just 25 km from Chandrapur ZEROMILE. The first introducer of resort in Chandrapur District having facility with best luxurious rooms.

Cozy and Charming rooms

At Eco Lake View Holiday resort, rooms don't just become an accommodation; they become your home away from home.

Relax in a beautiful Trees

Besides being the best resort in Chandrapur, its located amidst the nature with remarkable facilities.

Photoshoot Of Lake Side

The guests,Beautiful outdoor family shoot on lake side. how you can feel the closeness,relaxed way these amazing moments where captured.

Nearest Points To Visit

The Creation Of A Thosand Forests Is In One Acorn.

  • Moharli Core Gate Zone

    Known for best tiger spotting, it is also popular for offering good facilities in terms of accommodations. Moharli Gate offers access to all three zones of Tadoba.500 Meters

  • Junona Buffer Zone

    The Tadoba Zone is popular for offering diverse wildlife and scenic locations to the tourists. It is also accessible from four gates at Junona Buffer,Moharli, Navegaon, and Khutwanda. 100 Meters

  • Agarzari Buffer

    The forest department is going to add a new feature of machan tourism to the wildlife tourism in the buffer area of TATR. Machan tourism will be taken up in Agarzari forest, located along the banks of Irai dam in the buffer area. 3 Kms

  • Boating Points

    A visit to the boating site found that jetty was beingreadied. Three battery operated boats are also ready to sail out. Apart from mandatory life saving jackets for tourists, one rescue boat will also be ready. A GPS tracker will be fitted to every boat. 5 Kms

"Enjoy Holidays"

Forest holidays are a great opportunity to include in some healthy outdoor activities, such as hiking, climbing or boating. Alternatively, simply relax and enjoy the pool or one of our luxury forest homes.

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