Tourist Attractions

Mahankali Temple

Mahakali Temple is one of the prominent temples in Chandrapur, and can be called an icon of the city. The main deity in this temple is Mahakali Mata. It is usually crowded by pilgrims during the month of April, particularly on the eve of Hanuman Jayanti

Anandvan (Warora)

The Anandvan Ashram, located in the town of Warora, is just few kilometres from Chandrapur city. It was founded in 1951 by a social activist named Baba Amte. Essentially an ashram, this centre mostly serves as a community rehabilitation centre for patients suffering from leprosy. It also serves the disabled, from downtrodden sections of society.


Hemalkasa is 178 kms. away from Chandrapur. Siuated at the confluence of the rivers Indravati, Parikotta and Palam Gautam. Dr. Prakesh Amte has established a Lokbiradari project at Hemalkasa 3 kms away from Bhamragarh in Gaddiroli

Mausoleum of Gond King

Chandrapur Fort (formerly Chanda Fort) is the oldest area in Chandrapur. It was built by Gond King Khandkya Ballal Sah in 13th century. The mausoleum of Gond King Veershah, the most precious monument in Chandrapur and only one of its kind in country, lies discarded and ruined reeling under utter neglect of archaeological department.

Parshwanath Jain Mandir

Shri Keshariya Parshwanath Jain Mandir, Bhdrawati Jain Temple is situated at Bhadrawati, in the heart of the city. Devotees throng the temple throughout the year which is dedicated to Lord Parsawanath and is very popular with the community. It has very beautiful sculptures.

Ghodazari Lake

Th-Nagbhid, Chandrapur, Maharashtra 441205, India Located just 100kms from Nagpur and Chandrapur is Ghodazari, a perfect spot for picnics, jungle trekking, boating over the weekend.Ghodazari is a small lake surrounded by abundance of nature and forest.